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2006-11-20  joey* Add openidsignup config option.
2006-11-20  joeyweb commit by http://joeyh99.myopenid.com/: one more test
2006-11-20  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2006-11-20  joeymerge basewiki page change into basewiki
2006-11-20  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Reword.
2006-11-20  joeyfix regexp
2006-11-20  joeyminor improvements
2006-11-20  joeyweb commit by http://ltd.myopenid.com/
2006-11-20  joeyexplanation
2006-11-20  joeyweb commit by http://joeyh.myopenid.com/: test from...
2006-11-20  joey* Add an openid plugin to support logging in using OpenID.
2006-11-20  joeyweb commit by http://kitenet.net/~joey/: test: test: test
2006-11-20  joeyweb commit by http://kitenet.net/~joey/: test from...
2006-11-20  joeyweb commit by http://kite/~joey/: test
2006-11-20  joey* Make auth methods pluggable.
2006-11-19  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Use example.org as the...
2006-11-18  joeyweb commit by Marcelo: Questions about discussion and...
2006-11-15  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.33
2006-11-15  joeyreleasing version 1.33
2006-11-15  joeytypos
2006-11-14  joeyweb commit by VictorMoral: New version 0.9
2006-11-13  joey* Work with hyperestraier 1.4.9.
2006-11-12  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2006-11-11  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2006-11-11  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2006-11-11  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2006-11-10  joeyweb commit by BradRoberts
2006-11-10  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: wikify
2006-11-10  joeyweb commit by BradRoberts
2006-11-10  joeyweb commit by BradRoberts
2006-11-10  joeyfixes
2006-11-10  joey* Work around a strange bug in CGI::FormBuilder 3.0401...
2006-11-09  joey* Fix img plugin's handling of adding dependencies...
2006-11-08  joeyresponse
2006-11-08  joey* Make sure to check for errors from every eval.
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by joey: responses
2006-11-08  joeyupdate
2006-11-08  joeythis is really a todo item, not a bug
2006-11-08  joeyresponse
2006-11-08  joey* Patch from Ethan Glasser Camp to add a skip option...
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: This is probably better.
2006-11-08  joey* Enable utf8 file IO in aggregate plugin.
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: exactly what it sounds like
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: Oops, this is what...
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: use diff -ur so I can...
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: use a real patch format...
2006-11-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Canonical feed location?
2006-11-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2006-11-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Fix links which just had...
2006-11-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Add the Sparse wiki.
2006-11-06  joeytypo
2006-11-05  joey* Avoid syntax errors in templates used by the template...
2006-11-04  joey* Fix issue with aggregate plugin updating expired pages.
2006-11-03  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.32
2006-11-03  joeyreleasing version 1.32
2006-11-03  joeymove :-) to correct location
2006-11-02  joey Closes: #396702
2006-11-01  joeyweb commit by KyleMacLea
2006-11-01  joeyweb commit by KyleMacLea
2006-11-01  joey* Patch from James Westby to support podcasting, photob...
2006-11-01  joeyidea
2006-11-01  joeyupdate
2006-11-01  joeyfoo
2006-11-01  joeydone-ish
2006-11-01  joey* Implemented expiry options for aggregate plugin.
2006-10-31  joeyadd pointer to backport
2006-10-30  joey* Improve login/register process, the login dialog...
2006-10-30  joey* Add perlmagick to build-depends so syntax check of...
2006-10-30  joeyweb commit by jh
2006-10-30  joeyrevamp css market, allow selecting stylesheets on the...
2006-10-29  joeyanother update
2006-10-29  joeyfold
2006-10-28  joeyupdate
2006-10-28  joey* Install the source of the examples into /usr/share...
2006-10-28  joeyupdate
2006-10-28  joey* Add a default stylesheet entry for the pagecloud.
2006-10-28  joeyfix a bug
2006-10-28  joeyupdated again
2006-10-28  joey* Now that links are calculated in a separate pass...
2006-10-28  joeyupdate
2006-10-28  joeyupdate
2006-10-28  joey instead of over and over. Typical speedup is ~4x...
2006-10-28  joey* Add a separate pass to find page links, and only...
2006-10-28  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.31
2006-10-28  joeyreleasing version 1.31
2006-10-28  joeyupdate
2006-10-28  joeydelete session
2006-10-28  joey* Add basic spam fighting tool for admins: An admin...
2006-10-27  joeyrevert spammer
2006-10-27  joeyweb commit by shoesorder
2006-10-27  joeyweb commit by shoesorder
2006-10-27  joeyweb commit by shoesorder
2006-10-27  joeyweb commit by shoesorder
2006-10-27  joey* Add missing dependency on the URI perl module.
2006-10-27  joeyweb commit by MarkBucciarelli
2006-10-25  joeyweb commit by ScottHenson
2006-10-25  joeyresponse
2006-10-24  joeyweb commit by ScottHenson
2006-10-24  joeyresponse