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2011-01-14  Joey Hessreview remaining patches
2011-01-14  Joey Hessdoubtfil about patch #3
2011-01-14  Joey Hesstitle change redundant?
2011-01-14  Joey Hesspicked
2011-01-14  Joey Hesscontinue to support #blogform in CSS
2011-01-14  Giuseppe Bilottafeedlink/blogpost templates: use class instead of id
2011-01-14  Joey Hessformat
2011-01-14  Joey Hessexample
2011-01-14  Joey Hesslink to branches
2011-01-14  Joey Hesscleanup
2011-01-14  Joey Hessaccidentially removed
2011-01-14  Joey Hessneed to use a taglink
2011-01-14  Joey Hessdebug
2011-01-14  Joey Hessfix inline, I hope
2011-01-14  Joey Hessadd a branches page
2011-01-14  Joey Hesstypo
2011-01-14  Joey Hessmore reorg
2011-01-14  Joey Hesswording
2011-01-14  Joey Hessfurther improvement
2011-01-14  Joey Hessslight reorg
2011-01-14  Joey Hessadd section heading for clarity
2011-01-14  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2011-01-14  http://ledger.sdf.org/removed
2011-01-14  http://ledger.sdf.org/rename examples/blog/posts/secon_post.wiki to examples...
2011-01-14  http://ledger.sdf.org/(no commit message)
2011-01-13  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2011-01-13  Joey Hessupdate copyright format to DEP-5
2011-01-13  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-01-12  http://lj.rossia... (minor) Fixed the HTML markup for keys.
2011-01-12  http://lj.rossia... (minor) Consistent signatures for me.
2011-01-12  http://lj.rossia... Resolved: there was no problem; sorry for the hassle.
2011-01-12  http://lj.rossia... (minor) Sorry, wrong markup in prev.edit.
2011-01-12  http://lj.rossia... (minor) Added a link (in order for the text to be more...
2011-01-12  http://lj.rossia... perhaps not a problem of ikiwiki, if it's correct pure HTML
2011-01-12  http://lj.rossia... (minor) Signed. (And formatted a link.)
2011-01-12  http://lj.rossia... a report about a feature unavailable in w3m (search)
2011-01-09  https://www... Added a comment
2011-01-08  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-01-08  W. Trevor KingAdd configurable markdown path todo item.
2011-01-08  W. Trevor KingAdd org-mode todo item with git branch.
2011-01-08  W. Trevor KingFix link from todo/mdwn_itex to users/jasonblevins.
2011-01-08  W. Trevor KingAdd mdwn_itex todo item.
2011-01-08  W. Trevor KingAdd wtk user page.
2011-01-08  Joey HessRevert "Correct doc/patch.mdwn documentation: tag -> link."
2011-01-08  W. Trevor KingCorrect doc/patch.mdwn documentation: tag -> link.
2011-01-08  W. Trevor KingOops. *link* imageonly to patch (vs. tagging with patch).
2011-01-08  https://www... add linktoimageonly git branch pointer and tag as a patch
2011-01-08  https://www... point to rebased patches containling only raw-inline code.
2011-01-07  http://smcv... oops, fix syntax
2011-01-07  http://smcv... fixed
2011-01-07  http://smcv... aggregation works, too
2011-01-07  http://smcv... updated (many) branches
2011-01-07  http://smcv... suspected bug
2011-01-07  Giuseppe Bilottafurther patches
2011-01-06  http://oblomov... layout fix
2011-01-06  Giuseppe Bilottainline stuff: reply, new branch pushed to my repo
2011-01-06  Joey Hessfeedback
2011-01-06  Joey Hessreword feed descs
2011-01-06  Joey Hessupdate
2011-01-06  Giuseppe Bilottainline: pass the Atom/RSS titles to the templates
2011-01-06  http://smcv... tested and seems to work
2011-01-06  http://smcv... updated branch
2011-01-06  http://smcv... revert leftover test page
2011-01-05  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20110105
2011-01-05  Joey Hessreleasing version 3.20110105
2011-01-05  Joey Hessfix urlto(undef)
2011-01-05  Joey Hessmention 2 remaining cases for completeness
2011-01-05  Joey Hessuse cgitemplate, remove misctemplate
2011-01-05  Joey Hessadd cgitemplate
2011-01-05  Joey Hessbetter handling of relative permalinks
2011-01-05  Joey Hessmake urlabs a noop if base url is not provided
2011-01-05  Joey Hessfactored out an urlabs from aggregate and cgi
2011-01-05  Joey Hessoops
2011-01-05  Joey HessExport three cgi env vars needed for CGI->url to work.
2011-01-05  Joey Hessoops
2011-01-05  Joey Hessgoto permalink issue
2011-01-05  Joey HessFix permalinks to recentchanges items and comments...
2011-01-05  Joey Hesstypo
2011-01-05  Joey HessTemporarily revert one part of the multiple url support...
2011-01-05  Joey Hessremove old unused baseurl parameter
2011-01-05  Joey HessFix redirect to use a full url.
2011-01-05  Joey HessFix base url when previewing. Was broken by urlto chang...
2011-01-05  Joey Hessreopening, reverting part of this for now
2011-01-05  Joey Hessit gets worse
2011-01-05  Joey Hessdoesn't only affect preview
2011-01-05  Joey Hessresponse
2011-01-05  Giuseppe Bilottageneric insert links: it's a Markdown file
2011-01-05  Giuseppe Bilottaunescape tag names
2011-01-05  Simon McVittierespond
2011-01-05  Simon McVittiewrap lines
2011-01-05  http://oblomov... absolute base url in cgi forms
2011-01-04  Joey Hessbugfix
2011-01-04  Joey Hessfix patch to not strip a leading "." unless it's part...
2011-01-04  Joey Hessfix patch to not expose config setting as a regexp
2011-01-04  Giuseppe Bilottatag name sanitation
2011-01-04  Joey Hessmarkup
2011-01-04  http://oblomov... tag behavior changes introduced by typed link feature
2011-01-04  http://oblomov... feed enhancements for inline pages
2011-01-04  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-01-03  Simon McVittieRevert spam