2009-02-12  Greg Pricehandle /iap with symlink, not mod_rewrite
2009-02-12  Greg Priceimport .htaccess, Anders' version
2009-02-11  Anders KaseorgMove the wiki content to Scripts/wiki, and CGI script...
2009-02-04  Greg Pricetouched ikiwiki
2009-02-04  Greg Priceadd submodules wiki/, ikiwiki/
2009-02-04  Greg Priceimport-trac: check in trac-authors file that I used
2009-02-01  Greg Priceenable html plugin
2009-02-01  Greg Priceimport-trac: commit inside a doc/ directory (thanks...
2009-02-01  Greg Priceimport-trac: nicer name and committer
2009-02-01  Greg Priceimport-trac: strip out ^M from newlines
2009-02-01  Greg Priceimport-trac: work in fresh doc/ subdir
2009-02-01  Greg Priceimport-trac: set HEAD at the end
2009-02-01  Greg Priceimport geofft's script for importing the doc wiki
2009-01-15  Greg Pricewe're at now
2009-01-11  Edward Z. YangAdd cautionary comments to the plugins.
2009-01-11  Edward Z. YangDisable discussion pages.
2009-01-11  Edward Z. YangInitial commit.