zephyr-post-receive: Translate Git trailing space highlighting
[snippets/.git] / rt /
2015-01-20  Anders Kaseorgrt/Scrips/zephyr.pl: Path to zwrite changed
2013-11-30  Alex DehnertUpdate Django plugin with current upstream code
2013-11-30  Alex DehnertDjango plugin: no-op subtree merge
2013-11-12  Pweaver (Paul Weaver)Barnowl-RT: Add rejected message shortcuts
2012-12-05  Anders Kaseorgrt/Scrips/zephyr.pl: Simplify installation
2012-12-05  Alex DehnertFix spelling of "Transaction" in zephyr scrip
2012-12-05  Alex DehnertCreate RT scrips directory
2012-03-06  Paul D WeaverClose RT process when done
2012-02-27  Paul D WeaverBarnowl-RT readable source
2012-02-27  Paul D Weaverrt barnowl source location
2012-02-27  Paul D WeaverBarnowl RT module
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertMerge remote branch 'django-mit/master'
2010-05-16  Anders Kaseorgrt/zephyr-scrip.pl: Display the correct ticket for...
2010-05-05  Anders Kaseorgrt/zephyr-scrip.pl: Oops, fix URL.
2010-05-05  Anders KaseorgAdd RT-to-Zephyr notification scrip.