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2017-04-11  Anders Kaseorgzephyr-post-receive: Translate Git trailing space highl... master origin/HEAD origin/master
2015-07-30  Geoffrey ThomasAdd .htaccess.mit to enable web indexes
2015-01-20  Anders Kaseorgrt/Scrips/zephyr.pl: Path to zwrite changed
2013-11-30  Alex DehnertDjango: more explicit instructions, plus markdown
2013-11-30  Alex DehnertUpdate COPYING file and move into mit auth plugin
2013-11-30  Alex DehnertUpdate Django plugin with current upstream code
2013-11-30  Alex DehnertDjango plugin: no-op subtree merge
2013-11-30  Alex DehnertMove Django docs up a level, to ease subtree merging
2013-11-12  Pweaver (Paul Weaver)Barnowl-RT: Add rejected message shortcuts
2013-08-12  Anders Kaseorgzephyr-post-receive: Set UTF-8 locale
2013-08-12  Anders KaseorgTracZephyrPlugin: Set Zephyr charset to UTF-8
2013-08-03  Anders Kaseorgzcrypt.pl: No need to replace BarnOwl’s builtin zcrypt...
2013-07-07  Alex DehnertScripts auth: don't activate on either
2013-05-20  Alex DehnertPut the ticket URL in the zsig
2013-03-12  Anders Kaseorgapt-zephyr: Fix send-zephyr typo
2013-02-02  Alex Dehnertzephyr-post-receive: fix quoting and tabs
2013-02-02  Alex Dehnertzephyr-post-receive: send the diff when short
2012-12-24  Alex DehnertUse API function instead of UNUSABLE_PASSWORD
2012-12-24  Alex DehnertSet a password of UNUSABLE_PASSWORD
2012-12-05  Anders Kaseorgrt/Scrips/zephyr.pl: Simplify installation
2012-12-05  Alex DehnertFix spelling of "Transaction" in zephyr scrip
2012-12-05  Alex DehnertCreate RT scrips directory
2012-09-17  Alex Dehnertkinit when creating a MoiraList object
2012-09-16  Alex DehnertWrappers for safely calling commands in a new PAG
2012-09-10  Alex DehnertValidate constitution_url (ASA-#76)
2012-08-21  Geoffrey Thomasprogramming: Sync gccrun and disasm from my locker (oops)
2012-07-22  Anders Kaseorgzephyr-post-receive: Abort after 10 zephyrs to prevent...
2012-03-06  Paul D WeaverClose RT process when done
2012-02-27  Paul D WeaverBarnowl-RT readable source
2012-02-27  Paul D Weaverrt barnowl source location
2012-02-27  Paul D WeaverBarnowl RT module
2012-02-03  Geoffrey ThomasDjango MIT plugin: Don't crash on users with hidden...
2011-12-20  Alex DehnertFunction to create an MIT user with LDAP data
2011-10-25  Alex DehnertScripts auth: Use ldap-too for LDAP server
2011-10-25  Alex DehnertScripts auth: Use ldap-too for LDAP server
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertMerge "upstream" fixes from SIPB's snippets
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertAdd README and COPYING for django/mit/
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertMore sensible defaults for a library's zephyr()
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertMerge remote branch 'django-mit/master'
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertMerge branch 'asa-db-mods'
2011-06-06  Alex Dehnertlocalhost check needs to use portless-HTTP_HOST
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertAdd scripts_login, to do cert login if possible
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertShamelessly lift MIT-specific code from Remit
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertFix issues with user setup in the scripts backend
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertAuto-apply 'mit' and 'autocreated' groups
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertProperly escape the zwrite command line
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertLookup users in LDAP while auto-creating
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertGive autocreated users a fake password (Trac: #38)
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertCert auth works!
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertCertificate auth start
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertRoot commit
2011-05-04  Evan BroderRelease TracZephyrPlugin under the MIT license.
2011-04-01  Jonathan ReedSupport a configurable signature for zephyrs
2011-03-02  Jonathan ReedBump version number
2011-03-02  Jonathan ReedMerge branch 'master' of /mit/snippets
2011-02-24  Geoffrey ThomasRemove sipbmp3-itunes. See the mac branch of github...
2011-02-23  Jonathan ReedInclude ticket type in zephyrs for non-defects
2010-11-19  Mitchell E Bergergit-hooks/zephyr-post-receive: Portability improvements
2010-08-23  Geoffrey Thomasdisasm: Disassemble hex bytes given on the command...
2010-08-23  Geoffrey Thomasgccrun: Run tiny programs from the command line.
2010-07-18  Edward Z. YangAdd noroot hook script for Git repositories.
2010-06-15  Anders Kaseorgnewline-fix.bash: Force the bash prompt to start after...
2010-05-30  Alex Dehnertlocalhost check needs to use portless-HTTP_HOST
2010-05-30  Alex DehnertAdd scripts_login, to do cert login if possible
2010-05-16  Anders Kaseorgrt/zephyr-scrip.pl: Display the correct ticket for...
2010-05-13  Alex DehnertShamelessly lift MIT-specific code from Remit
2010-05-12  Jessica HamrickUpdated sipbmp3-itunes to point at github repo
2010-05-05  Anders Kaseorgrt/zephyr-scrip.pl: Oops, fix URL.
2010-05-05  Anders KaseorgAdd RT-to-Zephyr notification scrip.
2010-05-03  Anders Kaseorgbarnowl/zcrypt.pl: BarnOwl::quote the editwin prompt.
2010-05-03  Anders Kaseorgbarnowl/zcrypt.pl: Use zcrypt from the barnowl locker.
2010-05-03  Anders Kaseorgbarnowl/zcrypt.pl: Fix a syntax error.
2010-04-26  Evan BroderTracZephyrPlugin: Bump version number.
2010-04-26  Evan BroderTracZephyrPlugin: Allow setting an opcode on outgoing...
2010-03-21  Evan BroderUpdate the git post-receive hook for git's new default...
2010-03-21  Anders Kaseorgzephyr-post-receive: Don’t truncate a branch name conta...
2010-03-21  Anders Kaseorgapt-zephyr: Send a “Done.” zephyr when dpkg finishes...
2010-03-21  Anders Kaseorgapt-zephyr: Make pre_install_pkgs a function.
2010-03-21  Anders Kaseorgapt-zephyr: Don’t send empty zephyrs for no changes.
2010-03-21  Anders Kaseorgapt-zephyr: Make parse_v2 a function.
2010-03-21  Anders Kaseorgapt-zephyr: Make parse_v1 a function.
2010-03-21  Anders Kaseorgapt-zephyr: Make send_zephyr a function.
2010-03-13  Nelson Elhagekrbroot: Don't get renewable tickets
2010-02-23  Geoffrey ThomasTracZephyrPlugin: Display the priority of new tickets.
2010-02-02  Geoffrey Thomasbarnowl/zcrypt.pl: Pass the unencrypted message to zcrypt
2009-12-27  Anders Kaseorgcommit-zephyr, zephyr-post-revprop-change: Run in UTF...
2009-12-27  Anders KaseorgTracZephyrPlugin: Smarter quoted text regex.
2009-12-27  Geoffrey Thomassvn-hooks: Add a zephyr revprop hook and comment commit...
2009-11-30  Geoffrey Thomasgit-rcsimport: Fix a typo with the use of mktemp.
2009-11-29  Geoffrey Thomaszephyr-post-receive: Respect zephyr.instance on new...
2009-11-29  Geoffrey Thomaszephyr-post-receive: Give defaults for zephyr.zsig.
2009-11-29  Geoffrey ThomasRemove sipbmp3-itunes.bak, now that /mit/snippets suppo...
2009-11-29  Jessica B. HamrickChanged the sipbmp3-itunes folder into a submodule...
2009-11-10  Paul QuimbyAdded additional scripts for volume control, muting...
2009-09-24  Anders Kaseorgpkcs2pem: Handle quoting properly.
2009-09-24  Anders Kaseorgpkcs2pem: Output an absolute path again.
2009-09-24  Anders Kaseorgpkcs2pem: Output a single file with the private key...
2009-09-21  Evan BroderIn kdo, reverse the order of the output of kcaches...
2009-09-21  Anders Kaseorgzephyr-post-receive: Detect renames.
2009-09-20  Nelson ElhageImport crondiff