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2009-03-31  Evan BroderIn TracZephyrPlugin: Change tabs to spaces.
2009-03-31  Evan BroderIn TracZephyrPlugin: use subprocess instead of os.popen.
2009-03-03  Quentin SmithSend messages 'remotely' (to localhost), to work around...
2009-03-03  Quentin SmithExplicitly request GSSAPI delegation so zephyr subscrib...
2009-03-03  Geoffrey Thomasthe git-rcsimport wrapper
2009-03-01  Geoffrey Thomasuse time.strptime instead of parsing time ourselves
2009-03-01  Geoffrey ThomasReuse an existing notification object if it exists...
2009-03-01  Geoffrey Thomasavoid importing pynotify more than once
2009-03-01  Geoffrey ThomasUse pynotify instead of shelling out to notify-send.
2009-03-01  Peter IannucciChecks for tzc binary and punts if not found.
2009-03-01  Peter IannucciRewrote to use optparser and added drivers for stdout...
2009-03-01  Peter IannucciCode for barn-growl utility for OS X.
2009-02-25  Anders KaseorgMake Git colors work in zwgc.
2009-02-25  Nelson ElhageAdd a 'zephyr.color' config setting.
2009-02-25  Nelson ElhageCreate a 'kerberos' folder and add my krbroot script.
2009-02-20  Geoffrey Thomasfix path
2009-02-20  Geoffrey ThomasHash personals recipients and pick random colors based...
2009-02-20  Geoffrey ThomasBarnOwl perl/external zcrypt binary reimplementation
2009-02-17  Evan BroderDon't use the list of modified directories for the...
2009-02-14  Evan BroderUse the right extension for Send to sipbmp3, and only...
2009-02-14  Geoffrey Thomasgit-hooks: Support specifying a zephyr instance
2009-02-14  Kyle MillerAdded sipbmp3 iTunes applescripts
2009-02-04  Geoffrey ThomasREADME: We now have /mit/snippets
2009-02-04  Geoffrey Thomasbetter URL to the web interface
2009-02-03  Evan BroderAdd kdo.
2009-02-03  Evan BroderAdd my Trac zephyr plugin.
2009-02-01  Geoffrey Thomasscript to set up a NAT via Linux iptables
2009-02-01  Geoffrey Thomassvn zephyr post commit hook
2009-02-01  Geoffrey Thomasgit zephyr post receive hook
2009-02-01  Geoffrey ThomasInitial commit: README.