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2024-01-05  Arthur A MigdalMake the door status link externally accessible.
2023-09-12  Pratyush S Venkata... W20 reopening
2023-09-05  Pratyush S Venkata... Update room
2023-09-01  Pratyush S Venkata... Update room
2023-08-15  Pratyush S Venkata... (no commit message)
2023-08-14  Pratyush S Venkata... (no commit message)
2023-05-20  Pratyush S Venkata... Update room number
2023-04-17  Madison K Landryremove malware aquarium note
2023-04-17  Madison K Landry(no commit message)
2023-04-17  Madison K Landryimprove clarity and accuracy
2023-04-17  Madison K Landryhide doorpi embed for now
2023-04-16  Gabriel R Rodrigue... (no commit message)
2023-04-16  Gabriel R Rodrigue... (no commit message)
2023-04-14  Pratyush S Venkata... Update CPW; add classroom
2023-04-13  Gabriel R Rodrigue... (no commit message)
2023-04-13  Gabriel R Rodrigue... (no commit message)
2023-04-13  Gabriel R Rodrigue... Add CPW 2023 events
2023-04-11  Pratyush S Venkata... Add date for Student Center closure
2023-04-11  Pratyush S Venkata... Student center closure
2022-12-12  Shreya Chaudharyadded dormspam and interstellar, as per aayushg's request
2022-11-19  Shreya Chaudhary(no commit message)
2022-11-19  Shreya Chaudhary(no commit message)
2022-11-19  Shreya Chaudhary(no commit message)
2022-11-19  Shreya Chaudhary(no commit message)
2022-11-19  Shreya Chaudhary(no commit message)
2022-11-19  Alex Yibump
2022-11-19  Shreya Chaudhary(no commit message)
2022-11-19  Alex Yitrivial change for testing
2022-11-19  Shreya Chaudhary(no commit message)
2022-11-18  CJ Quines(no commit message)
2022-03-08  CJ Quines(no commit message)
2020-03-27  William S Moseszoom zoom
2020-02-21  Cel Andromeda Skeggsremove outdated event info
2019-09-22  William S. Mosesadd sipb50 via git
2019-08-30  Brian ChenAdd rush image back
2019-08-30  Brian ChenRevert "add rush events"
2019-08-30  Brian Chenadd rush events
2019-03-21  Catherine Y Zeng(no commit message)
2019-02-19  Anders KaseorgConvert most http: links to https:
2017-12-12  Nchinda Nchinda(no commit message)
2017-12-12  Nchinda Nchindatrigger page reload
2017-12-12  Nchinda NchindaThis reverts commit e8d6640ae3ba6232d4ab35dd46505abd585...
2017-12-12  Nchinda NchindaThis reverts commit e0782b2e6f48852bf6080a4de1fd9acabfd...
2017-12-12  Nchinda Nchindaattemp to escape the script tags for the overlay
2017-12-12  Nchinda Nchindaadd overlay for net neutrality support
2016-04-12  Lizhou Shaoops
2016-04-12  Lizhou ShaMake minutes more visible.
2016-04-12  Lizhou ShaSlight edit on wording and formatting.
2016-04-12  Brian Chenadvertise meetings, times thereof more
2015-10-13  Lizhou ShaProvide updates to Tours and Stories link and description.
2014-07-15  Anders KaseorgMove door widget script from personal locker to sipb...
2014-07-15  Jonathan A GarciaNow you go to the SIPB door's website when you click...
2014-01-31  Anders Kaseorgphotos: Don’t use symlinks
2014-01-29  Erica H Peterson(no commit message)
2012-10-15  Alexander W Dehnertadd mailing list link
2012-02-24  David A BenjaminUse protocol-relative link to door.sh, to avoid mixed...
2011-10-06  Andrew M FarrellRemoving The Great Hacksby info
2011-09-25  Edward Z. Yanglink direct to page
2010-09-14  Andrew M Farrell(no commit message)
2010-09-11  Andrew M Farrell(no commit message)
2010-05-30  Quentin SmithRevert "Remove XVM from home page due to outage"
2010-05-18  Geoffrey ThomasReorder 'events' block and remove past ones
2010-05-17  Geoffrey ThomasRemove XVM from home page due to outage
2010-04-28  Geoffrey G Thomashttp://store.xkcd.com/xkcd/#NoRaptors
2010-04-24  Andrew M Farrell(no commit message)
2010-04-08  Andrew M Farrell(no commit message)
2010-03-21  Gregory D BrockmanRemoved hackasaurus from the front page
2010-03-18  Edward Z. YangAdd door graphic to front page
2010-03-14  Gregory D BrockmanAdded hackasaurus blurb
2010-03-11  Quentin Smithlink to spamtrap, with explanation
2010-03-08  Alexander W DehnertUh?
2010-03-08  Alexander W DehnertDoor widget?
2010-03-05  Gregory D Brockman(no commit message)
2010-02-15  Evan BroderDuck. duck, goose!
2010-01-02  Evan Broder(no commit message)
2009-12-19  Edward Z. Yang+ Planet SIPB
2009-10-17  Edward Z. Yangadd Trac etc links for the big projects
2009-09-28  Evan Broder(no commit message)
2009-09-21  Paul D Weaver(no commit message)
2009-09-21  Paul D WeaverAdded reunion link
2009-09-21  Geoffrey ThomasMerge updated git import of Trac content into Markdown.
2009-09-13  Paul D WeaverRemoved tours link from main page
2009-08-31  Paul D Weaver(no commit message)
2009-08-31  Paul D Weaver(no commit message)
2009-08-03  Paul BaranayMerge branch 'master' of sipb-www@scripts:wiki
2009-07-28  Paul F Baranay(no commit message)
2009-06-15  Paul F Baranayremoved link from SIPB Reading Group, since there isn...
2009-05-18  Jessica B Hamrick(no commit message)
2009-04-22  Geoffrey G Thomasmost of this is redundant with the footer
2009-04-03  Anders KaseorgRevert "larry wall talk"
2009-04-01  Quentin Smithlarry wall talk
2009-02-11  Geoffrey ThomasTaking my own advice.
2009-02-11  Geoffrey G ThomasI said, quit being silly.
2009-02-11  Geoffrey G Thomasquit being silly.
2009-02-11  Geoffrey G ThomasSome phrasing changes. Punt the title on the home page...
2009-02-11  Geoffrey G ThomasThis looks like a Markdown bug.
2009-02-11  Paul BaranayMerge branch 'master' of sipb-www@scripts:wiki
2009-02-11  Greg Priceeliminate extra div
2009-02-11  Edward Z. YangFloat jhamrick pic to the right.
2009-02-06  Xavid F Pretzer(no commit message)