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2017-11-29  Emma K Batsonadded mtheng as member
2017-09-12  Brian Chenadd Kit Haines as a keyholder
2017-09-07  Miguel C Young de... Keyholder is a student again
2017-09-07  Miguel C Young de... Graduate everyone else.
2017-09-03  Miguel C Young de... Begin graduating people.
2017-05-23  Emma K Batson(no commit message)
2017-05-16  Emma K Batson(no commit message)
2017-04-11  Emma K Batson(no commit message)
2017-03-21  Emma K Batsonadded aathalye and cela
2017-02-28  Istvan K Chungadd ermain to voting members list
2017-02-21  Miguel C Young de... New Executive Committee
2017-02-08  Lizhou Shagraduate asra and medasaro
2017-02-07  Istvan K ChungAdd alvareza, emmabat, and nchinda2 to voting members...
2017-01-31  Lizhou Shamember mcyoung
2016-12-13  Istvan K ChungAdd mmou to voting members list.
2016-11-08  Lizhou Shamember dukhovni
2016-11-01  Lizhou Shamember jakobw
2016-10-27  Lizhou Shaadding lapentab due to mistake in removal
2016-10-03  Lizhou ShaVice Chair is now hcope; lujan no longer student
2016-09-20  Lizhou Shamember hcope and pravinas
2016-07-19  Lizhou ShaMember medasaro
2016-07-14  Lizhou ShaDelete members who have graduted in June 2016
2016-04-26  Eric M LujanMembered sinback and duffield
2016-04-12  Lizhou Shasubtle tweak to reflect the current Constitution
2016-02-26  Lizhou ShaRemoved graudated members: asuhl, dlaw, horkley
2016-02-23  Eugene LeeSIPB EC 2016 (typo, we can't have a part of Victor...
2016-02-23  Lizhou ShaSIPB EC 2016
2016-02-16  Eric M LujanAdded link to personal homepage for lujan.
2016-02-09  Lizhou Shamembers asra, horkley, lujan
2015-12-09  Lizhou ShaFinally updating the voting member list to reflect...
2015-12-08  Lizhou Shamembered bpchen and ikdc.
2015-09-22  Lizhou ShaAdded jlrubin as member. - slz
2015-04-03  Lizhou ShaCleaned up EC list.
2015-03-31  Lizhou ShaRemoved an extra line that messes with formatting.
2015-03-31  Madars Virzaupdate the membership page with latest EC changes and...
2015-02-17  Sparrow Frenchadded Chelsea
2014-11-20  Madars VirzaUpdate EC & members at large according to /afs/sipb...
2014-11-20  Madars Virzamembership update
2014-11-16  Ray Hua WuAdded wywing link
2014-10-14  Megan P Belzner(no commit message)
2014-09-09  Justin Dovemembership update
2014-05-20  Patrick M HurstAdd jogama as member
2014-04-22  Patrick M Hurst(no commit message)
2014-04-22  Patrick M HurstAdd andreser, kacquah, mingy to voting members.
2014-04-08  David Wilsonupdate for new EC; elubin graduated
2014-01-28  Sabrina Q Shemet(no commit message)
2013-10-15  Sabrina Q Shemet(no commit message)
2013-10-03  Steven D Valdez(no commit message)
2013-06-11  Melissa Hunt(no commit message)
2013-05-20  Luke W. Faraoneadd my webside
2013-05-14  Sabrina Q Shemet(no commit message)
2013-04-30  Sabrina Q ShemetAdding new members
2013-04-16  Alexander Chernyak... Victor is now a member
2013-04-09  Sabrina Q Shemet(no commit message)
2013-03-24  Alexander Chernyak... dhanus graduated
2013-02-26  Alexander Chernyak... Update the members page to reflect the new EC and full...
2013-02-19  Alexander Chernyak... Remove associate members
2013-02-18  Alex DehnertAdd adehnert's website
2013-02-12  Justin DoveAdded myself.
2012-12-19  Mitchell E BergerMembered dlaw and sqshemet
2012-05-08  Patrick M Hurst(no commit message)
2012-05-08  Patrick M Hurst(no commit message)
2012-04-14  Melissa Hunt(no commit message)
2012-03-02  David Wilson(no commit message)
2012-03-02  David Wilsonec elections
2012-02-07  Edward Z. Yang(no commit message)
2012-01-17  Quentin SmithMember ine
2011-09-21  David Wilsonsome people graduated
2011-08-03  Benjamin E BarenblatAdd bbaren's homepage
2011-05-03  Elizabeth A Denysadded rishig as a member
2011-03-01  Elizabeth A Denysadded mikemp as a member
2011-02-15  Elizabeth A Denysadded achernya and bbaren, removed mats_a as he is...
2011-02-03  Karen Anne SittigKeith is now a student again.
2010-11-09  Elizabeth A Denysadded new members!
2010-11-02  Elizabeth A Denysgdb left for the left coast
2010-09-28  Elizabeth A Denysadded wings as a member
2010-09-21  Elizabeth A Denysadded mats_a
2010-09-14  Elizabeth A Denysupdated to correct full membership list as of 09.13...
2010-09-14  Elizabeth A DenysUpdated EC and list of voting members as of Monday...
2010-08-25  Gregory D Brockman(no commit message)
2010-05-04  Elizabeth A Denysadded recent members
2010-03-26  Jessica B HamrickAdded pquimby to members list
2010-03-16  Evan BroderSorry, Cathy, but you're not a student
2010-03-15  David A Benjaminoremanj and zhangc were recently membered
2010-02-20  Jessica B HamrickUpdated EC
2010-02-20  Jessica B HamrickMembered phurst and dwilson; added missing people
2010-02-11  Jessica B HamrickChanged jhamrick's website
2010-02-05  Geoffrey ThomasMembered afarrell a while ago
2010-02-05  Geoffrey Thomaspeople are leaving :-(
2010-02-04  Geoffrey ThomasMember gdb
2009-12-31  Xavid F PretzerNot a student.
2009-12-20  Jessica B HamrickLinked my username to my homepage
2009-11-30  Paul Baranayadded new members
2009-11-10  Edward Z. Yangezyang change homepage
2009-11-10  Edward Z. Yangupdate
2009-09-21  Geoffrey ThomasMerge updated git import of Trac content into Markdown.
2009-08-05  Paul Baranayremoved lockhart, mitchb, jhawk from voting members
2009-08-05  Paul BaranayMembered adehnert
2009-07-21  Paul BaranayAdded myself to members.
2009-05-23  Donald B Guyupdating chair