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2018-05-30  Mitchell E BergerWe've worked around the reboot problem for VMs using...
2018-05-29  Mitchell E BergerAdd XVM renumbering FAQ
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2017-09-04  Lizhou Shamention Chrome OS for Mosh for Chrome
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2017-09-04  Miguel C Young de... use the *actual* title
2017-09-04  Miguel C Young de... Spelling...
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2017-06-21  Miguel C Young de... Change the wording re: -c hello after discussion on...
2017-06-21  Miguel C Young de... Add description of -c hello
2017-03-18  Luke W. Faraoneupdate descr of Zulip
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2016-04-09  Brian ChenYouTube playlist feature
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2015-12-16  Lizhou Shaupdated the correct invocation of cpw -e option in...
2015-12-16  Lizhou ShaShould be 3DES
2015-12-16  Lizhou ShaInclude warning of weak ciphers used by k5srvutil change
2015-12-16  Lizhou Shadoxory
2015-12-16  Lizhou ShaToned down some language, and remove outdated AIM refer...
2015-12-16  Lizhou ShaUpdate zwrite -C option
2015-12-15  Brian Chendocument zsr's start and stop times options
2015-12-12  Lizhou ShaUse the correct invocation for specifying multiple...
2015-11-19  Alexander W Dehnertadd some pergamon docs
2015-11-19  Alexander W Dehnertbasic docs
2015-11-18  Brian Chenprinting YouTube
2015-10-20  Ray Hua WuThere were two 'should be's. I removed one.
2015-10-20  Brian Chendialup machine picking; stella aliases; mention tmux...
2015-10-19  Brian Chen+ pwants
2015-10-19  Brian Chenmore slang, class derivatives, zcrypt link, em dashes
2015-10-19  Karl Rammfix up the jargon a bit
2015-10-19  Brian Chenmore slang because looking them up is too hard
2015-09-29  Eugene Leeadded udemy tutorial on git.
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2014-05-29  William F. Vahleclarification
2014-03-31  William F. Vahleedited Linerva reference to now refer to athena.dialup
2014-02-15  Alexander W Dehnertmention how to zwrite a user; add an aside about zephyr...
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2013-11-22  James A Duffieldtpying si ardh
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2013-11-07  Alexander W DehnertExpand on the "don't" section more
2013-11-07  Alexander W Dehnertminor wording cleanup
2013-09-28  Anna C Gladstoneadded more-general option to add a line to one's .zephy...
2013-09-28  Anna C Gladstone"in which to store the key" sounds clunky, so just...
2013-09-28  Anna C Gladstone(a colon should only follow an independent clause.)
2013-09-28  Anna C Gladstonerephrasing key-distribution intro sentence
2013-09-28  Anna C Gladstoneminor edit: s/tool used for doing that/tool for that/
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2013-09-27  Alex DehnertFill out the zcrypt docs
2013-09-27  Alexander W Dehnertstub
2013-09-21  Anders KaseorgRemove incorrect explanation of C-a C-a and friends
2013-09-21  Alexander W Dehnertfix pag-screen name; list more protocols for barnowl
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2013-08-27  Luke W. Faraoneretarget
2013-08-17  Miles L Steeleexplain the "C-a C-a" notation.
2013-08-17  Steven D Valdez(no commit message)
2013-05-17  Alexander W DehnertNew URL and features for my krbroot
2013-04-21  Alexander W Dehnertreference my krbroot, with ATHENA_USER and screen support
2013-04-05  Alexander W Dehnertslightly expand new section on distinguishing options...
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2013-04-01  Anders KaseorgStrong-crypto-intolerant services are no more!
2013-03-15  Alexander W Dehnertadd basic moira docs
2013-03-09  Alexander W Dehnertclarify that ktadd/ktremove are kadmin subcommands
2013-03-09  Alexander W Dehnertadd section about changing enctypes
2013-03-09  Alexander W Dehnertemphasize the need to get a new key
2013-03-07  Alexander W Dehnertfix markup
2013-03-07  Alexander W Dehnertmention temporary files (somebody should write this)
2013-02-28  Alexander Chernyak... Correct root-instance paranoia
2013-02-23  Alex DehnertBetter markdown
2013-02-23  Alex DehnertAdd document on writing safer shell scripts
2013-02-20  Alexander Chernyak... Moira now uses krb5-style names.
2013-02-15  Asheesh LaroiaTalk about :startup within logging section, because...
2013-01-19  David A BenjaminMake #screen work on the zephyr page so that section...
2013-01-19  David A BenjaminLink to new Z+ URL. They have SSL and HSTS now.
2012-12-29  Luke W. Faraonejoel is totally being updated... its just been inactive...
2012-12-18  Alexander W DehnertAdd SIPB documentation license recommendation
2012-12-18  Alexander W Dehnertremoved
2012-12-18  Alexander W DehnertRemove some documentation that has now happened
2012-12-18  Alexander W DehnertFix directory name text
2012-12-07  Alexander W Dehnertmention that future password changes also need -e
2012-12-05  Anders KaseorgRevert "Let’s keep in 3DES for now, in case the KDC...