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2010-03-05  Gregory D Brockman(no commit message)
2009-09-21  Geoffrey ThomasMerge updated git import of Trac content into Markdown.
2009-06-15  Paul F BaranayAdded link to sipbmp3
2009-05-14  Greg Pricemeeting time in /join
2009-04-07  Greg Price/join: add some advice from how-to-become-a-member.txt
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2009-02-11  Greg Pricefloat an image right again; also convert to "Anders...
2009-02-01  Greg PriceMerge branch 'master' of ../sipb-www/doc/ trac-import
2009-01-15  Quentin SmithUntil and unless we get the Magic Pony implemented...
2009-01-15  Evan BroderAirTunes is dead. Long live sipbmp3
2009-01-15  Geoffrey Thomaslink members from join page and fix html
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2009-01-12  Greg Pricewikify a bit
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2009-01-11  priceinclude a photo of the whole office in a hackathon
2009-01-11  Greg Pricetighten, sharpen intro graf
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