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2009-02-01  Geoffrey Thomascommit zephyrs for wiki.git exist
2009-02-01  Geoffrey ThomasRephrase projects home page a bit
2009-01-27  Quentin SmithRemove security vulnerability
2009-01-27  Quentin SmithTest of ikiwiki
2009-01-27  Anders KaseorgServe wiki content directly via Apache.
2009-01-27  Biyeun M Buczyk(no commit message)
2009-01-27  Biyeun BuczykMIT on separate line so logo can read better
2009-01-27  Biyeun Buczykminor styling for breadcrumbs
2009-01-27  Biyeun Buczykimages for styling
2009-01-27  Biyeun BuczykI love my styles. Go see...
2009-01-27  Quentin SmithMember jhamrick and biyeun
2009-01-19  Greg Priceexplain vhost config, which does the job .htaccess...
2009-01-19  Donald B GuyNote favicon
2009-01-18  Emil Sitadd favicon todo item.
2009-01-15  Quentin Smithupdate sipb-www filesystem tree information
2009-01-15  Donald B Guyokay last one, I swear
2009-01-15  Donald B GuyPreformat FAIL
2009-01-15  Donald B GuyAdded a skeleton + some meat of workings. Please fix...
2009-01-15  Quentin SmithUntil and unless we get the Magic Pony implemented...
2009-01-15  Donald B Guyadd dangerously web 2.0 idea
2009-01-15  Edward Z. Yangcode blocks style fixed
2009-01-15  Edward Z. Yang(no commit message)
2009-01-15  Edward Z. YangAdd link to www page.
2009-01-15  Edward Z. YangRewrite stylesheet to have padding on featured-content...
2009-01-15  Edward Z. YangReorganize CSS file.
2009-01-15  Edward Z. YangAdd some more comments
2009-01-15  Edward Z. Yangconvert to headers
2009-01-15  Edward Z. YangAdd some design comments
2009-01-15  Greg Priceimport todo from post-hackathon mail
2009-01-15  Greg Pricetodo
2009-01-15  Greg Pricesome todo items
2009-01-15  Edward Z. YangAdd breadcrumb styling.
2009-01-15  Geoffrey G Thomas(no commit message)
2009-01-15  Greg Pricelink to projects/lockers
2009-01-15  Greg Pricelet the edit link speak for the wiki-nature
2009-01-15  Evan BroderAirTunes is dead. Long live sipbmp3
2009-01-15  Evan BroderFix typo
2009-01-15  sipb-wwwMerge branch 'master' of /afs/sipb.mit.edu/project...
2009-01-15  Geoffrey Thomasargh
2009-01-15  sipb-wwwMerge branch 'master' of /afs/sipb.mit.edu/project...
2009-01-15  Geoffrey Thomasoops
2009-01-15  sipb-wwwMerge branch 'master' of /afs/sipb.mit.edu/project...
2009-01-15  Geoffrey ThomasCSS: add spacing
2009-01-15  sipb-wwwMerge branch 'master' of /afs/sipb.mit.edu/project...
2009-01-15  Geoffrey Thomasandersk points out my previous commit was misguided.
2009-01-15  sipb-wwwMerge branch 'master' of /afs/sipb.mit.edu/project...
2009-01-15  Geoffrey ThomasCSS: make class=solid-item work outside of the highligh...
2009-01-15  Greg Pricemake nav links fit in buttons
2009-01-15  Chris T Laas(no commit message)
2009-01-15  Geoffrey Thomaslink members from join page and fix html
2009-01-15  Greg Pricewikify a bit
2009-01-15  Geoffrey Thomasupdate members
2009-01-15  Geoffrey ThomasAdd members
2009-01-15  Greg Pricelink to Ask SIPB
2009-01-15  Greg Priceimport from lockers.html
2009-01-15  Greg Priceimport from walk-in.html
2009-01-15  Greg Pricelink to projects/sipb-afs-sync
2009-01-15  Greg Priceimport from sipb-afs-sync.html
2009-01-15  Greg Pricea page for the office
2009-01-15  Greg Pricelink to forthcoming office page
2009-01-12  Anders KaseorgReapply the non-accidental changes in “fix some markup”.
2009-01-12  Quentin SmithA document on PHP security would be as simple as "Don...
2009-01-12  Biyeun BuczykMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://sipb-www@scripts...
2009-01-12  Biyeun Buczykfixed the footer
2009-01-12  Greg Pricewikify a bit
2009-01-12  Greg PriceRevert my accidental clobbering last night of some...
2009-01-12  Greg Pricemake images float right again
2009-01-12  Biyeun M Buczykchanged title of homepage, removing extra H1
2009-01-12  Greg Pricerestore columns CSS
2009-01-12  Biyeun Buczykchanged the style a little, it should fix the long...
2009-01-12  Greg Pricetest
2009-01-11  Greg Pricetest pushing to new master repo
2009-01-11  sipb-wwwinitial commit
2009-01-11  Anders KaseorgUse real wikilinks.
2009-01-11  Greg Pricebetter versions of photos
2009-01-11  Geoffrey Thomassandbox
2009-01-11  Biyeun M. Buczyk1em????!!!! picky
2009-01-11  Biyeun M Buczykadd skin
2009-01-11  Geoffrey Thomassandbox
2009-01-11  Donald B Guy'u's are important ... (as are capital Z's). Also,...
2009-01-11  Donald B Guyapparently we capatilize Zephyr in these parts. Also...
2009-01-11  Donald B GuyAdded UsingZephyr and tried to stop the AFS/Andrew MADNESS!
2009-01-11   <ezyang@mit.edu>test
2009-01-11  Edward Z. Yangtest
2009-01-11  Gregory Nathan Pricetest
2009-01-11  Edward Z. YangTesting
2009-01-11  iannucci(no commit message)
2009-01-11  iannucci(no commit message)
2009-01-11  ezyangTest my login
2009-01-11  priceput license on its own page, too
2009-01-11  priceadd license (will confirm with past contributors by...
2009-01-11  pricetweak image location
2009-01-11  Greg Priceimg { float: right; }
2009-01-11  iannucci(no commit message)
2009-01-11  iannucci(no commit message)
2009-01-11  priceinclude a photo of the whole office in a hackathon
2009-01-11  Greg Pricea bigger photo, and of the whole office
2009-01-11  pricewikify intro graf
2009-01-11  Greg PriceRevert accidental deletion of projects/.
2009-01-11  iannucci(no commit message)