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2018-09-25  Mark Theng(no commit message)
2018-09-22  Mark Theng(no commit message)
2018-09-22  Mark Theng(no commit message)
2018-09-10  Brian Chenedit grammar test
2018-05-30  Mitchell E BergerWe've worked around the reboot problem for VMs using...
2018-05-29  Mitchell E BergerAdd XVM renumbering FAQ
2018-05-26  Quentin SmithFix instructions for generating local site previews
2018-05-22  Anders Kaseorgprojects: Add SIPB DNS
2018-05-01  Mark Theng(no commit message)
2018-04-24  Lizhou ShaAdd Billy's website
2018-04-24  Mark Theng(no commit message)
2018-04-17  Mark Theng(no commit message)
2018-04-10  Lizhou Shano longer students
2018-04-10  Angel G Alvarez(no commit message)
2018-04-10  Istvan K Chung(no commit message)
2018-04-10  Mark Theng(no commit message)
2018-04-10  Mark Theng(no commit message)
2018-02-20  Angel G AlvarezUpdated website to reflect new EC 2017 - 2018
2018-02-05  Lizhou Shamember or prospective -> mebmer
2018-02-05  Lizhou ShaHyades is a class now!
2018-02-05  Lizhou Shamembers and prospectives -> members
2018-02-05  Lizhou ShaProspective member -> member
2018-02-05  Lizhou Shaprospective -> new
2018-02-05  Lizhou Sha"Keyholding status"
2018-02-05  Lizhou ShaUse the new keyholder language
2018-02-05  Lizhou ShaReflect the new keyholder terminology
2018-02-05  Lizhou ShaThere is no WinAthena machine in the office at the moment.
2017-12-12  Nchinda Nchinda(no commit message)
2017-12-12  Nchinda Nchindatrigger page reload
2017-12-12  Nchinda NchindaThis reverts commit e8d6640ae3ba6232d4ab35dd46505abd585...
2017-12-12  Nchinda NchindaThis reverts commit e0782b2e6f48852bf6080a4de1fd9acabfd...
2017-12-12  Nchinda Nchindaattemp to escape the script tags for the overlay
2017-12-12  Nchinda Nchindaadd overlay for net neutrality support
2017-11-29  Emma K Batsonadded mtheng as member
2017-09-18  Anders KaseorgAdd CertAssist
2017-09-13  Lizhou ShaUpdate IS&T keytab request form link
2017-09-12  Brian Chenadd Kit Haines as a keyholder
2017-09-07  Miguel C Young... Keyholder is a student again
2017-09-07  Miguel C Young... Graduate everyone else.
2017-09-04  Lizhou Shamention Chrome OS for Mosh for Chrome
2017-09-04  Miguel C Young... Better link.
2017-09-04  Miguel C Young... use the *actual* title
2017-09-04  Miguel C Young... Spelling...
2017-09-04  Miguel C Young... Add title metadata.
2017-09-04  Miguel C Young... Link to the quickstart page.
2017-09-04  Miguel C Young... (no commit message)
2017-09-03  Miguel C Young... Begin graduating people.
2017-08-22  Alexander W DehnertLinerva has been dead for ~3.5 years (I think); remove...
2017-07-13  Greg Hudson(no commit message)
2017-06-27  Alexander W Dehnertbetter internal link syntax
2017-06-27  Alexander W Dehnertadd archive options & Github
2017-06-27  Alexander W Dehnertadd MIT vs. BSD reason
2017-06-27  Alexander W Dehnertlink to licenses
2017-06-21  Miguel C Young... (no commit message)
2017-06-21  Miguel C Young... Change the wording re: -c hello after discussion on...
2017-06-21  Miguel C Young... Add description of -c hello
2017-05-23  Emma K Batson(no commit message)
2017-05-16  Emma K Batson(no commit message)
2017-05-15  Istvan K ChungAdd description of hyades
2017-04-11  Emma K Batson(no commit message)
2017-03-21  Emma K Batsonadded aathalye and cela
2017-03-18  Luke W. Faraoneupdate descr of Zulip
2017-02-28  Istvan K Chungadd ermain to voting members list
2017-02-21  Miguel C Young... New Executive Committee
2017-02-08  Lizhou Shagraduate asra and medasaro
2017-02-07  Istvan K ChungAdd alvareza, emmabat, and nchinda2 to voting members list.
2017-01-31  Lizhou Shamember mcyoung
2016-12-15  Anders KaseorgFix broken link to Google Shell Style Guide
2016-12-13  Istvan K ChungAdd mmou to voting members list.
2016-11-08  Lizhou Shamember dukhovni
2016-11-02  Paul D Weaver(no commit message)
2016-11-01  Lizhou Shamember jakobw
2016-10-27  Lizhou Shaadding lapentab due to mistake in removal
2016-10-03  Lizhou ShaVice Chair is now hcope; lujan no longer student
2016-09-26  Pravina N Samaratunga(no commit message)
2016-09-26  Pravina N Samaratunga(no commit message)
2016-09-20  Lizhou Shamember hcope and pravinas
2016-07-28  Brian Chenbetter headings and link
2016-07-19  Lizhou ShaMember medasaro
2016-07-14  Lizhou ShaDelete members who have graduted in June 2016
2016-04-26  Eric M LujanMembered sinback and duffield
2016-04-12  Lizhou Shasubtle tweak to reflect the current Constitution
2016-04-12  Lizhou Shaoops
2016-04-12  Lizhou ShaMake minutes more visible.
2016-04-12  Lizhou ShaSlight edit on wording and formatting.
2016-04-12  Brian Chenadvertise meetings, times thereof more
2016-04-09  Brian ChenYouTube playlist feature
2016-02-26  Lizhou ShaRemoved graudated members: asuhl, dlaw, horkley
2016-02-23  Eugene LeeSIPB EC 2016 (typo, we can't have a part of Victor...
2016-02-23  Lizhou ShaSIPB EC 2016
2016-02-16  Anders Kaseorgsipb-ec-people is non-archived
2016-02-16  Victor Vasilievyeah, I don't think this is how this list works in reality
2016-02-16  Eric M LujanAdded link to personal homepage for lujan.
2016-02-09  Lizhou Shamembers asra, horkley, lujan
2016-02-05  Luke W. Faraonelink to zulip src
2015-12-16  Lizhou Shaupdated the correct invocation of cpw -e option in kadmin
2015-12-16  Lizhou ShaShould be 3DES
2015-12-16  Lizhou ShaInclude warning of weak ciphers used by k5srvutil change
2015-12-16  Lizhou Shadoxory
2015-12-16  Lizhou ShaToned down some language, and remove outdated AIM refer...