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2009-09-10  Paul Baranayadded contact info to Wakeup
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2009-08-31  Alexander W... Describe -c filsrv
2009-08-31  Alexander W... Describe -c 3down
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2009-08-31  Alexander W... More mdashes
2009-08-31  Alexander W... Add —'s
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2009-08-22  Geoffrey Thomasproject/ideas: Remove inotify logger.
2009-08-21  Paul Baranayadded 'Project Ideas' to projects page
2009-08-19  Donald B GuyAdded Exhibit as a potential platform for "SIPB Library...
2009-08-19  Paul BaranayAdded SIPB library
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2009-08-12  Geoffrey Thomasproject ideas page
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2009-07-23  Nelson ElhageInformational page about the pobox outage.
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2009-07-21  Greg Pricelink to Understanding Git
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2009-06-16  Paul F Baranayfiddling with width
2009-06-16  Paul F Baranaylarge stylistic adjustments
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2009-06-15  Paul F BaranayThat didn't work either.
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2009-06-15  Paul Baranayremoving .htaccess file
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2009-06-15  Paul BaranayAdding past EC's (preview)
2009-06-15  Paul F Baranayremoved link from SIPB Reading Group, since there isn...
2009-06-14  Geoffrey G... fixed all the links.
2009-06-14  Geoffrey G... make links broken in a better way. I'll go fix them.
2009-05-23  Donald B Guyupdating chair
2009-05-19  Jessica B HamrickAdded a link to Dodona's homepage.
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2009-05-16  Paul F BaranayDescription of barnowl, debathena, dodona
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2009-05-16  Paul Baranayadded barnowl, debathena, dodona, clockworks
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayfixing usual...again...gah!
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayfixing usual...again
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayfixing usual...
2009-05-16  Paul Baranaymore descriptions
2009-05-16  Quentin Smithdocument -c sipb-auto stuff
2009-05-16  Alexander W... (no commit message)
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayadding linnk to office/zephyrClasses
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayfixing markdown
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayadding 'Other Useful Classes' section
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayadded period to -i sipb-door. Because I'm picky.
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