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2009-02-11  Geoffrey G ThomasIncluding a list of large objects on the website may...
2009-02-11  Geoffrey ThomasRevert "sandbox"
2009-02-11  Greg Pricesandbox
2009-02-11  Paul BaranayAdded more desired features for Phase 2.
2009-02-11  Paul BaranayAdded new name (clockworks)
2009-02-11  Edward Z. YangFix local.css problems.
2009-02-11  Edward Z. YangRefine class="right", remove duplicated styles.
2009-02-11  Edward Z. YangFloat jhamrick pic to the right.
2009-02-11  Edward Z. Yangfix linebreak problem
2009-02-11  Edward Z. Yangmore bugs
2009-02-11  Edward Z. Yangrestore pbaranay's changes
2009-02-11  Edward Z. YangSimplicity!
2009-02-11  Edward Z. Yangadd screens information
2009-02-11  Edward Z. Yangfix formatting problem
2009-02-11  Edward Z. YangAdd more info
2009-02-11  Paul BaranayMore names
2009-02-11  Paul BaranayAdded geofft's ideas for names
2009-02-11  Geoffrey ThomasMove doodle-killer page to projects subdir
2009-02-11  Edward Z. YangAdd pweaver suggestion
2009-02-11  Edward Z. YangCreate Doodle page
2009-02-09  Evan Broder(no commit message)
2009-02-09  Geoffrey G Thomasmarkdown is silly.
2009-02-09  Geoffrey ThomasConvert CupsOnMac to Markdown
2009-02-09  Geoffrey Thomasuncommitted changes to doc/debian-hacking
2009-02-06  Liana Lareau(no commit message)
2009-02-06  Greg Pricewrap some paragraphs, and other trivial fixes
2009-02-06  Greg Pricesandbox
2009-02-06  Liana Lareau(no commit message)
2009-02-06  Greg Pricefix fancyquotes
2009-02-06  Xavid F Pretzer(no commit message)
2009-02-06  Greg PriceUsingZephyr -> zephyr.mdwn
2009-02-06  Xavid F Pretzer(no commit message)
2009-02-06  Xavid F Pretzer(no commit message)
2009-02-06  Xavid F PretzerInitial history page
2009-02-06  Greg Pricesandbox
2009-02-06  Greg Pricesandbox
2009-02-06  Greg Pricebreak out IAP-class docs as a section
2009-02-06  Greg Pricereorg doc page a bit
2009-02-06  Greg Pricecut wordy intro paragraph on docs
2009-02-06  Xavid F Pretzer(no commit message)
2009-02-04  Greg Pricemove documentation/ to doc/
2009-02-04  Greg Priceprojects/www: document superrepo; also check off some todos
2009-02-04  Geoffrey ThomasSimple Debian package hacking tutorial.
2009-02-04  Edward Z. YangImprove typography in CSS.
2009-02-03  Donald GuyAdded myself to members ^_^!
2009-02-01  Donald GuyTried to link "too directly." fixed.
2009-02-01  Donald GuyHopefully make the current documentation more accessibl...
2009-02-01  Donald GuyFixed a remaining typo and replaced all h1's with h2...
2009-02-01  Donald GuyCreated a (x)html version of AFS and You because the...
2009-02-01  Greg Pricelink doc -> documentation
2009-02-01  Greg Pricecreate doc/
2009-02-01  Greg Priceerr, -> project-ideas.mdwn
2009-02-01  Greg PriceProjectIdeas -> project-ideas
2009-02-01  Greg PriceBarnOwl -> barnowl.mdwn
2009-02-01  Greg PriceMerge branch 'master' of ../sipb-www/doc/ trac-import
2009-02-01  Paul BaranayGrammar changes and talked about .environment file trac
2009-02-01  Evan BroderDocument aklog -force
2009-02-01  Evan BroderAll AFS servers restart, not just -c athena
2009-02-01  Evan BroderUnfix that typo and fix a new one
2009-02-01  Evan BroderFix a typo
2009-02-01  Evan BroderUse two tildes instead of one
2009-02-01  Evan Brodernot all lockers are in AFS
2009-02-01  Donald Guylike these for example... thats what happens when you...
2009-02-01  Donald GuyAdded troubleshooting advance and a couple other things...
2009-02-01  Donald Guymoved AFS from Documentation Ideas, to actual documenta...
2009-02-01  Donald Guyadded info about webacls
2009-02-01  Donald GuyAdded permission stuff and viewing
2009-02-01  Donald GuyInitial Check-In (because I get nervous when I don...
2009-02-01  Jessica Hamrick(no commit message)
2009-02-01  Greg Pricesome details on sipb-www
2009-02-01  Greg Pricemailman 3 details
2009-02-01  Nelson Elhage(no commit message)
2009-02-01  Greg Priceshift LennyBugs to past tense, move bold emphasis to...
2009-02-01  Greg Priceadd QuickPrint, CupsOnMac in doc section
2009-02-01  Greg Pricenote two topics done
2009-02-01  Greg Priceright, wikify
2009-02-01  Greg Priceadded Debianization (as a documentation idea, since...
2009-02-01  Greg Priceadd UsingScreen
2009-02-01  Greg Pricegrammar tweak
2009-02-01  Greg Pricereword license note to match the footer on every page
2009-02-01  Greg Priceadd RootInstance
2009-02-01  Greg Pricetweaks
2009-02-01  Greg Priceadd headings and abstract
2009-02-01  Geoffrey Thomasadd link to quentin's kerberos ticket handling scripts
2009-02-01  David GlasserMIT pride!
2009-02-01  Nelson ElhageMove "Kerberized Servers" into "Documentation Topics...
2009-02-01  Geoffrey Thomas(no commit message)
2009-02-01  Nelson ElhageStub, link to barnowl.mit.edu
2009-02-01  Nelson ElhageSeparate ideas and existing topics.
2009-02-01  Evan Broder(no commit message)
2009-02-01  Evan Broder(no commit message)
2009-02-01  Evan Broder(no commit message)
2009-02-01  Greg Priceupdate count
2009-02-01  Greg Pricetweak
2009-02-01  Greg Pricenote IAP class
2009-02-01  Greg Pricedivide supersections better
2009-02-01  Greg Pricegroup sections
2009-02-01  Greg Pricereorder sections for interest rather than utility
2009-02-01  Greg Price(no commit message)
2009-02-01  Greg Priceall the juicy bugs were done! Awesome.