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2015-10-13  Asra N Ali(no commit message)
2015-09-29  Eugene Leeadded udemy tutorial on git.
2015-09-22  Lizhou ShaAdded jlrubin as member. - slz
2015-08-24  Lizhou ShaUpdated mirrors public git location.
2015-07-19  Eugene Leenews.mit.edu -> usenet.mit.edu
2015-06-17  Alexander W Dehnertexplain why we hate nulls and newlines
2015-04-03  Lizhou ShaCleaned up EC list.
2015-03-31  Geoffrey Thomascalendar: Fix mixed content issues
2015-03-31  Lizhou ShaRemoved an extra line that messes with formatting.
2015-03-31  Madars Virzaupdate the membership page with latest EC changes and...
2015-02-17  Sparrow Frenchadded Chelsea
2014-11-20  Madars VirzaUpdate EC & members at large according to /afs/sipb...
2014-11-20  Madars Virzamembership update
2014-11-16  Ray Hua WuAdded wywing link
2014-11-06  Anders KaseorgFix example HTML error
2014-11-06  Anders KaseorgFix wacky period typography
2014-11-06  Anders KaseorgExpand abbreviated fs and pts commands for clarity
2014-10-28  Geoffrey ThomasDelete old Chrome client cert docs
2014-10-27  John A Hawkinsonremove footnote marker
2014-10-27  John A Hawkinsonupdates per madars
2014-10-14  Megan P Belzner(no commit message)
2014-09-09  Justin Dovemembership update
2014-09-04  Nicolas Bravo"its" -> "it's" for grammar
2014-09-01  Steven D Valdez(no commit message)
2014-09-01  Steven D Valdez(no commit message)
2014-07-15  Anders KaseorgMove door widget script from personal locker to sipb...
2014-07-15  Jonathan A GarciaNow you go to the SIPB door's website when you click...
2014-06-29  Alexander W Dehnertlink to scripts.mit.edu docs needed list
2014-06-29  Anders KaseorgLink to scripts.mit.edu documentation
2014-05-29  William F. Vahleclarification
2014-05-20  Patrick M HurstAdd jogama as member
2014-04-22  Patrick M Hurst(no commit message)
2014-04-22  Patrick M HurstAdd andreser, kacquah, mingy to voting members.
2014-04-08  David Wilsonupdate for new EC; elubin graduated
2014-03-31  William F. Vahleedited Linerva reference to now refer to athena.dialup
2014-02-15  Alexander W Dehnertmention how to zwrite a user; add an aside about zephyr...
2014-01-31  Anders Kaseorgphotos: Don’t use symlinks
2014-01-31  Anders KaseorgFix BarnOwl capitalization
2014-01-29  Erica H Peterson(no commit message)
2014-01-28  Sabrina Q Shemet(no commit message)
2014-01-05  Alexander W Dehnertadd deprecation message
2013-12-27  Alexander W Dehnertfix grammar
2013-12-10  Adam B Seering(no commit message)
2013-12-10  Adam B Seering(no commit message)
2013-11-22  James A Duffieldtpying si ardh
2013-11-07  Alexander W Dehnertadd Google shell style guide
2013-11-07  Alexander W DehnertExpand on the "don't" section more
2013-11-07  Alexander W Dehnertminor wording cleanup
2013-10-15  Sabrina Q Shemet(no commit message)
2013-10-03  Steven D Valdez(no commit message)
2013-09-28  Anna C Gladstoneadded more-general option to add a line to one's .zephy...
2013-09-28  Anna C Gladstone"in which to store the key" sounds clunky, so just...
2013-09-28  Anna C Gladstone(a colon should only follow an independent clause.)
2013-09-28  Anna C Gladstonerephrasing key-distribution intro sentence
2013-09-28  Anna C Gladstoneminor edit: s/tool used for doing that/tool for that/
2013-09-28  Anna C Gladstonechanged a mis-spelling (s/than newfangled/that newfangled/)
2013-09-27  Alexander W Dehnertbetter markup
2013-09-27  Alex DehnertFill out the zcrypt docs
2013-09-27  Alexander W Dehnertstub
2013-09-27  Alexander W Dehnertadd a zcrypt doc
2013-09-21  Anders KaseorgRemove incorrect explanation of C-a C-a and friends
2013-09-21  Alexander W Dehnertfix pag-screen name; list more protocols for barnowl
2013-09-21  Abraham Quintero(no commit message)
2013-09-21  Abraham Quintero(no commit message)
2013-09-13  Alexander W Dehnertadd sipb-discussion
2013-09-04  Mitchell E BergerAdd info on how prospectives can reach the XVM team...
2013-08-28  Anders KaseorgUpstream prefers BarnOwl to Barnowl
2013-08-28  Adam Glasgall(no commit message)
2013-08-28  Jonathan D Reed(no commit message)
2013-08-28  Luke W. Faraonelist affiliations for davidben + zulipers per jdreed
2013-08-28  Luke W. Faraonerewrite clients, excise content that is duplicated...
2013-08-27  Luke W. Faraoneretarget Who Fixes What to link to the IS&T copy
2013-08-27  Luke W. Faraoneretarget
2013-08-17  Alexander W Dehnertfix dashes
2013-08-17  Miles L Steeleexplain the "C-a C-a" notation.
2013-08-17  Steven D Valdez(no commit message)
2013-08-16  Alexander W Dehnertparallelism! Or something.
2013-08-09  Alexander W Dehnertadd sipb-ec description
2013-07-26  Anders KaseorgAdd feed.mit.edu.
2013-06-16  Luke W. FaraoneFix improper link syntax
2013-06-11  Melissa Hunt(no commit message)
2013-05-20  Luke W. Faraoneadd my webside
2013-05-17  Alexander W DehnertNew URL and features for my krbroot
2013-05-14  Sabrina Q Shemet(no commit message)
2013-04-30  Sabrina Q ShemetAdding new members
2013-04-21  Alexander W Dehnertreference my krbroot, with ATHENA_USER and screen support
2013-04-16  Alexander ChernyakhovskyVictor is now a member
2013-04-09  Sabrina Q Shemet(no commit message)
2013-04-05  Alexander W Dehnertslightly expand new section on distinguishing options...
2013-04-05  Alexander W Dehnert(no commit message)
2013-04-01  Anders KaseorgStrong-crypto-intolerant services are no more!
2013-03-24  Alexander Chernyakhovskydhanus graduated
2013-03-15  Alexander W Dehnertadd basic moira docs
2013-03-11  Alexander W Dehnertmoira
2013-03-09  Alexander W Dehnertclarify that ktadd/ktremove are kadmin subcommands
2013-03-09  Alexander W Dehnertadd section about changing enctypes
2013-03-09  Alexander W Dehnertemphasize the need to get a new key
2013-03-07  Alexander W Dehnertfix markup
2013-03-07  Alexander W Dehnertmention temporary files (somebody should write this)
2013-03-07  Elizabeth A Denysfix broken link