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2009-06-15  Paul F Baranayremoved br's, adjusted width
2009-06-15  Paul F Baranayadded 2008-2009
2009-06-15  Paul F Baranayturned headers into actual headers
2009-06-15  Paul F Baranayprettified tables (bold headers, border, cellpadding)
2009-06-15  Paul BaranayAdding past EC's (preview)
2009-06-15  Paul F Baranayremoved link from SIPB Reading Group, since there isn...
2009-06-14  Geoffrey G Thomasfixed all the links.
2009-06-14  Geoffrey G Thomasmake links broken in a better way. I'll go fix them.
2009-05-23  Donald B Guyupdating chair
2009-05-19  Jessica B HamrickAdded a link to Dodona's homepage.
2009-05-18  Jessica B Hamrick(no commit message)
2009-05-16  Paul F BaranayDescription of barnowl, debathena, dodona
2009-05-16  Paul F Baranayfixed clockworks link
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayadded barnowl, debathena, dodona, clockworks
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayfixing markdown...as usual...again...gah!
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayfixing markdown...as usual...again
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayfixing markdown...as usual...
2009-05-16  Paul Baranaymore descriptions
2009-05-16  Quentin Smithdocument -c sipb-auto stuff
2009-05-16  Alexander W Dehnert(no commit message)
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayadding linnk to office/zephyrClasses
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayfixing markdown
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayadding 'Other Useful Classes' section
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayadded period to -i sipb-door. Because I'm picky.
2009-05-16  Paul Baranaychanged underlines to strongs
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayhigh traffic tag to sipbmp3
2009-05-16  Paul BaranayFixed markdown error and added some high-traffic tags
2009-05-16  Paul Baranaymarkdown error
2009-05-16  Paul BaranayAdded projects header and -c scripts
2009-05-16  Paul BaranayMore information
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayfixed more markdown errors
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayfixed more markdown errors
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayfixed markdown errors
2009-05-16  Paul BaranayAdded sipb-auto and sipb-door
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayadding link to Using Zephyr documentation
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayescaping asterisks (i.e. more fun with markdown)
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayfixing bold font
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayfixing angle brackets
2009-05-16  Paul Baranayrenaming
2009-05-16  Paul BaranayMoving to .mdwn
2009-05-16  Paul BaranayList of SIPB zephyr classes
2009-05-14  Greg Pricemeeting time in /join
2009-05-08  Paul BaranayAdded "generic week" feature idea
2009-04-22  Geoffrey G Thomasmost of this is redundant with the footer
2009-04-07  Greg Price/join: add some advice from how-to-become-a-member.txt
2009-04-03  Anders KaseorgRevert "larry wall talk"
2009-04-01  Quentin Smithlarry wall talk
2009-04-01  Quentin Smithmake link clickable
2009-04-01  Quentin Smithadd rtsp link
2009-04-01  Quentin Smithadd webcast
2009-04-01  Quentin Smithmake heading
2009-04-01  Quentin Smithcreate larry wall page
2009-04-01  Quentin Smithcreate talks page
2009-03-26  Edward Z. YangAdd sipbmp3 link
2009-03-24  Paul BaranayAdded more ponies
2009-03-10  Evan BroderMembered iannucci
2009-02-25  Greg Priceadd link for me; also, sorting by username is weird...
2009-02-25  Evan BroderTime to acquire my vice
2009-02-24  Greg Pricesandbox
2009-02-22  Paul Baranayfixed typographical error with https
2009-02-17  Donald B Guyadded ezyang to members
2009-02-17  Paul D WeaverSIPB door
2009-02-17  Paul D WeaverSIPB door
2009-02-16  Paul BaranayMore information about MyClockworks
2009-02-16  Paul BaranayAdded information on "myclockworks" (user login pages)
2009-02-16  Aviv Ovadya(no commit message)
2009-02-14  Edward Z. YangUpdate links to 2.0
2009-02-14  Edward Z. YangAdd version numbers
2009-02-14  Edward Z. Yangadd trac thing
2009-02-14  Greg Pricemake some links longer
2009-02-14  Greg Pricerevise XVM listing
2009-02-14  Greg Pricewikify
2009-02-14  Jessica B Hamrick(no commit message)
2009-02-14  Jessica B Hamrick(no commit message)
2009-02-14  Edward Z. YangRewrite clockworks
2009-02-14  Edward Z. YangAdd XVM
2009-02-14  Paul BaranayCommented out list-of-projects temporarily until anchor...
2009-02-14  Paul Baranaytesting using a table for the list of projects
2009-02-14  Edward Z. Yangadd clockworks
2009-02-14  Edward Z. YangAdd schema comments
2009-02-13  Edward Z. YangWe're not using Elixir
2009-02-13  Edward Z. YangUpdate todo list and architecture with Genshi and Elixir
2009-02-13  Edward Z. YangMore modifications: separate out questions section...
2009-02-13  Edward Z. YangRewrite architecture section
2009-02-13  Edward Z. YangAdd widgets to tasks, also, decided on Kid
2009-02-13  Donald B Guyby this point, mistakes here aren't gonna be my fault...
2009-02-13  Edward Z. YangRestore spacing on top of pages without breadcrumbs.
2009-02-13  Paul BaranayMerge branch 'master' of sipb-www@scripts:wiki
2009-02-13  Paul BaranayWorking on adding a quicklist to the top of the page...
2009-02-13  Edward Z. YangAdd tentative URL names for pages
2009-02-13  Edward Z. Yanggitignore is done
2009-02-12  Greg Pricelink to SIPB history paper
2009-02-12  Greg Priceupdate git locations in layout doc
2009-02-12  Paul Baranayadded ternus, xavid to developers
2009-02-12  XavidMerge branch 'master' of /mit/sipb-www/wiki
2009-02-12  Paul Baranayadded mailing list info
2009-02-12  XavidAdding 6.933 paper.
2009-02-11  Edward Z. YangScripts now works
2009-02-11  Edward Z. Yangadd link to configuration
2009-02-11  Edward Z. YangDONE -> del