Current issues in SSL and TLS

Presented by Rajiv Aaron Manglani.

Sponsored by MIT SIPB.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 5-7:00pm in MIT 4-237.

SSL and TLS are the protocols which provide the foundation for securing Internet traffic. We will explore current topics and issues facing the industry including SHA-1 to SHA-2 certificate migrations, ECDSA, post-quantum cryptography, Certificate Transparency, OCSP and Stapling, HTTP/2, free DV certificates from Let's Encrypt, and TLS 1.3.

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SHA-1 to SHA-2 certificate migrations

ECDSA Certificates

Post-quantum Cryptography

Certificate Transparency

OCSP and OCSP Stapling

DV Certificates

TLS 1.3

TLS implementations

TLS configuration

TLS Everywhere and history



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