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ping joey: consider patch for next release?
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2010-03-29  Jon Dowlandping joey: consider patch for next release?
2010-01-07  Joey HessMerge remote branch 'remotes/GiuseppeBilotta/master'
2010-01-07  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2010-01-07  Jon Dowlandseasons greatings, polite nudge
2009-11-11  Jon DowlandMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ikiwiki.info
2009-11-11  Jon Dowlandis this merge-worthy?
2009-11-11  Jon Dowlandrestore my original patch
2009-11-11  Jon Dowlandadjustments to my comment
2009-11-11  Jon Dowlandcomment about patch version
2009-10-26  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-10-24  Jon Dowlandinline the correct patch, and then go shopping
2009-10-24  Jon Dowlandgive up and just inline the patch again
2009-10-24  Jon Dowlandtry to fix my inline, second attempt
2009-10-24  Jon Dowlandtry to fix my inline
2009-10-24  Jon Dowlandsplit the patch out of the page (and minor update it)
2009-10-24  Jon Dowlandupdate allow_site-wide_meta_definitions with last night...
2009-10-23  http://jmtd.livejo... progress
2009-10-23  http://jmtd.livejo... had a crack at this tonight
2009-07-31  Joey HessMerge commit 'remotes/smcv/ready/inline-pagenames'...
2009-07-31  Joey HessMerge commit 'remotes/smcv/ready/among'
2009-07-25  Simon McVittieAdd [[!template id=gitbranch]] for things available...
2009-07-19  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into po
2009-07-18  Simon McVittieSome more attempts to review patches
2009-07-18  Simon McVittieTag patches with the plugin to which they apply, or core
2009-06-12  Jon Dowlandargh, wrong diff again. third time lucky.
2009-06-12  Jon Dowlandupdate diff (one redundant hunk removed)
2009-06-12  Jon Dowlandadd allow_site-wide_meta_definitions.mdwn