* prettydate,ddate: Don't ignore time formats passed to displaytime
[ikiwiki.git] / IkiWiki / Rcs / tla.pm
2008-01-29  Joey Hesschange rcs_recentchanges when to absolute, not relative...
2008-01-29  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into recentchanges
2008-01-29  Joey Hessfigured out how rev is used..
2008-01-29  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.kitenet.net/srv...
2008-01-29  Joey Hessadd an id field to the rcs_recentchanges return structure
2007-04-10  joey* Optimise displaytime, trimming maybe 6% off the build...
2006-11-22  joeyupdates
2006-11-21  joey* Add a test suite for the mercurial backend, contribut...
2006-11-21  joeybetter subjects
2006-11-20  joey* Add an openid plugin to support logging in using OpenID.
2006-11-08  joey* Make sure to check for errors from every eval.
2006-09-17  joeymore updates from Clint
2006-09-16  joeytypo fix and slight reformat
2006-09-16  joey* Numerous tla fixes from Clint.
2006-09-08  joey* Add a missing -n to tla undo call.
2006-09-04  joeybugnum
2006-09-04  joey* Add support for tla, contributed by Clint Adama....