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2014-01-18  spalaxNew plugin: addtag
2014-01-18  spalaxNew plugin: parenttag
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2013-12-30  spalaxPersonnal wishlist
2013-12-04  LouisNew user page: Louis|spalax
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2013-10-13  Mesar HameedAdd user page for mhameed
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2013-10-02  ChrisBasic user page
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2013-08-23  oneingrayRemoved a link to ‘’...
2013-08-22  chrysnvcard proposal
2013-08-22  oneingrayUpdated the list of my Ikiwiki sites.
2013-08-13  chrysnrecent event on debconf: ikiwiki bof
2013-08-11  chrysn(another topic i'm interested in)
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2013-08-11  chrysn(fix missing link to topic i watch)
2013-08-08  chrysnsuggested plugin: blocks (free relationships)
2013-08-08  chrysnmore pages i watch
2013-08-08  chrysnorganize the bugs i'm involved in on my user page
2013-08-03  Amitai SchlairNo more custom patches or plugins at work (yay!).
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2013-07-28  Amitai SchlairHappy to say I no longer need this hack.
2013-07-27  Amitai Schlairnot a plugin anymore
2013-07-27  Amitai Schlairnot a plugin anymore
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2013-07-17  http://smcv.pseudo... rename forum/users/acodispo.mdwn to users/acodispo...
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2013-05-26  Amitai SchlairUpdate my user page.
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2013-03-17  Amitai SchlairDescribe some of my uses of ikiwiki.
2013-03-17  Amitai SchlairDescribe some of my uses of ikiwiki.
2013-03-17  Amitai SchlairMerge branch 'master' into fancypodcast
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2013-03-06 (no commit message)
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2013-02-20  Amitai SchlairDocument my fancypodcast WIP.
2013-02-13  http://svend.ciffe... Update Svend's personal webpage hostname/URLs
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2012-10-06 version
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2012-09-16  undx(no commit message)
2012-08-28 Initial import.
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2012-08-14  mathdesclink to my bugopen
2012-08-14  mathdesclink to filecheck
2012-08-14  mathdescProfiling slow rebuild on tiny wiki : cause filecheck
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2012-07-23  https://id.koumbit... sort by mtime
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2012-07-20  http://adamshand... (no commit message)
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2012-07-19  https://id.koumbit... better listing of the issues i am interested in
2012-06-06  mathdesc(no commit message)
2012-06-05  pdurbincreated user page
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2012-05-23  http://ismael.olea... rename todo/Olea.mdwn to users/Olea.mdwn
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2012-05-10  Giuseppe BilottaGet started on my user page, fix name spelling, link...
2012-05-07 (no commit message)
2012-05-07 (no commit message)
2012-05-07 (no commit message)
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2012-04-28 removed
2012-04-28 (no commit message)
2012-04-28 removed
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2012-04-06  https://id.koumbit... update for rename of tips/convert_MoinMoin_to_ikiwiki...
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2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... update for rename of tips/convert_MoinMoin_and_TWiki_to...
2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... some answers
2012-03-26  http://tbm.myopeni... add user page for Martin Michlmayr
2012-03-18  Joey Hesschangelog
2012-03-18  Simon McVittieMerge tag '3.20120202' into trail3-integrated
2012-03-16  Amitai SchlairMerge branch 'master' into cvs
2012-03-04 Create my user page
2012-03-04  http://acathur.myo... (no commit message)
2012-02-28 Create a page
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2012-02-02 Remove dead blog link and add blipfoto link instead
2012-02-02  Amitai SchlairAccount for the strangeness of my committer email.