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fix uninitialized value problem
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2008-06-04  Joey Hessfix uninitialized value problem
2008-06-04  Joey Hessit's not $title, try the other variable
2008-06-04  Joey Hessalso decode html entities in the title
2008-03-14  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.kitenet.net/srv...
2008-03-14  Joey Hess* Fix expiry of old recentchanges changeset pages.
2008-03-03  Joey Hess* Add recentchangesdiff plugin that adds diffs to the...
2008-02-05  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into prefix-directives
2008-02-03  Joey Hess* recentchanges: Exipre all *._change pages, even if...
2008-02-03  Joey Hess* recentchanges: Improve handling of links on the very...
2008-01-30  Joey Hessmove openiduser function to the openid plugin
2008-01-30  Joey Hessmove recentchanges link enabling into a pagetemplate hook
2008-01-30  Joey HessMerge git://git.samba.org/jelmer/ikiwiki
2008-01-29  Joey Hessreally fix the baseurl problem
2008-01-29  Joey Hessmake the author metadata for changes pages be the un...
2008-01-29  Joey Hessadded configuration for recentchanges
2008-01-29  Joey Hessadd code to delete old change pages
2008-01-29  Joey Hessuse new refresh hook
2008-01-29  Joey Hessupdates
2008-01-29  Joey Hessescape wikilinks and preprocessor directives
2008-01-29  Joey Hesstypo
2008-01-29  Joey Hessmore style improvements
2008-01-29  Joey Hessnon-tabular recentchanges display
2008-01-29  Joey Hesssome parameteraisation and generalisation
2008-01-29  Joey Hessproof of concept implementation of static recentchanges