Caffeinated 6.828

Caffeinated 6.828 is a fast-paced whirlwind introduction to operating systems, aimed at conveying the essentials of 6.828 during an IAP term.


We (a group of 6.828 alumni) are offering this class for those students who were unable to take it this past fall. Caffeinated 6.828 will cover most of the JOS labs from a regular 6.828 term. For more details on the course content and who should take this class, please read the overview.

Lectures are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-9 PM, in 37-212. See the course schedule for more details.


25 Jan
Lab 5 has been released.
20 Jan
Lab 4 has been released.
12 Jan
Lab 3 has been released.
Lab 1 grades are available on the submission site.
10 Jan
Lab 2 has been released.
Office hours have been finalized.
6 Jan
Lab 1 has been released.
4 Jan
The submission site is up. We're also using Piazza for questions and answers.
1 Jan
To make sure we're on schedule for the first week, please complete the shell exercise and submit it before the first lecture.

Caffeinated 6.828 is co-sponsored by SIPB and EECS. For questions or comments, please contact