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2011-06-23  http://smcv... Added a comment
2011-06-23  http://smcv... Added a comment
2011-06-23  http://smcv... despam
2011-06-23  https://www... run.silate@gmail.com
2011-06-23  https://www... run.silate@gmail.com
2011-06-23  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-06-22  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-06-22  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-06-22  Joey Hessdespam
2011-06-22  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-06-22  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-06-22  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-06-22  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-06-22  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-06-21  Joey Hessapply Changaco's patch to make headinganchors more...
2011-06-21  Joey Hessadd websetup hook
2011-06-21  Joey Hessmove headinganchors out of contrib
2011-06-21  Joey Hessa few more jquery icons
2011-06-21  https://www... Bug: Markdown-garbled mailto:-links still absolutised...
2011-06-20  http://kerravonsen... Added a comment
2011-06-20  http://joey.kitenet.net/Added a comment
2011-06-20  http://kerravonsen... help me, plugin experts
2011-06-18  http://oneingray... Fixed ‘ispell-local-dictionary’ in the ‘Local variables...
2011-06-18  http://oneingray... Linked ‘http://nets.asu591.ru/networks-2011/’, too.
2011-06-17  Joey Hessimprove detection of ajax request
2011-06-16  Joey Hessadd JSON dep
2011-06-16  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-06-16  Joey HessAdd libtext-multimarkdown-perl to Suggests. Closes: #630705
2011-06-16  Joey HessMerge branch 'tova'
2011-06-16  Joey Hessshow ikiwiki error when attachment is rejected
2011-06-16  http://jmtd... (no commit message)
2011-06-16  http://jmtd... weird
2011-06-16  http://jmtd... rename bugs/emails_should_not_be_considered_as_bronen_l...
2011-06-16  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-06-16  Joey Hessmove images around
2011-06-16  Joey Hessjquery-ui icons
2011-06-16  Joey Hesslet thru HTTP_ACCEPT
2011-06-15  Joey Hessbugfixes
2011-06-15  Joey Hessmove image
2011-06-15  Joey Hessadded jquery templates
2011-06-15  Joey Hesstypo
2011-06-15  Joey Hessadded jquery-ui for attachment interface
2011-06-15  Joey Hessuse jquery underlay
2011-06-15  Joey Hessupdated jquery and made it its own underlay
2011-06-15  Joey Hessload attachment javascript into template the clean way
2011-06-15  Joey Hessupdate copyright
2011-06-15  Joey Hessdeleted a lot of code ikiwiki does not need
2011-06-15  Joey Hessadd the blueimp jquery fileupload widget
2011-06-15  Joey HessWIP
2011-06-15  Joey Hessfix removal of staged attachments
2011-06-15  Joey HessWIP
2011-06-15  privatNew bug report
2011-06-15  http://smcv... removed
2011-06-15  privatNew bug report
2011-06-15  privatsemi-solved it seems
2011-06-15  privatnew bug report
2011-06-15  privatremoved
2011-06-15  privatTest of a subpage of sandbox
2011-06-15  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-06-15  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-06-14  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info
2011-06-14  Joey Hessimplement renaming of held attachments
2011-06-14  Joey Hessremove trailing slash from attachment_holding_dir
2011-06-14  Joey Hessmore generic interface
2011-06-14  Joey Hessbugfixes
2011-06-14  Joey Hessbugfix for attachments of non-index pages
2011-06-14  Joey Hessfix removal of helf attachments
2011-06-14  Joey Hessfixed previewing of attachments from holding area
2011-06-14  Joey Hessfixed saving attachments on page save
2011-06-14  Joey Hessattachment list includes new attachments in holding area
2011-06-14  Joey Hessuntaint and linkpage the page name used in attachment...
2011-06-14  Joey Hessstore filename in holding dir in linkpage form
2011-06-14  Joey Hessstore attachments in holding area; commit to wiki on...
2011-06-14  Joey Hessrefactor
2011-06-14  http://jmtd... s/as-is/as pre-formatted/
2011-06-14  https://www... finding, the one morth
2011-06-14  https://www... doings
2011-06-14  https://www... findings
2011-06-13  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info
2011-06-13  Joey Hessimprove usage message
2011-06-13  http://cdombroski... (no commit message)
2011-06-13  https://www... these too
2011-06-13  https://www... we can see the fnords
2011-06-13  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-06-13  https://www... lorem ipsum text
2011-06-12  http://profjim... Added a comment
2011-06-12  http://profjim... Initial post
2011-06-11  Joey Hesswhat?
2011-06-11  Joey Hessmove to correct location
2011-06-11  simonravenencode_entities_numeric please :)
2011-06-10  Joey Hessbetter long filename detection method
2011-06-10  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info
2011-06-10  Joey Hessaggregate: Improve checking for too long aggregated...
2011-06-10  http://kerravonsen... now changed the subset plugin interface
2011-06-10  http://kerravonsen... doscan is now called maketrail
2011-06-09  https://www... in git now
2011-06-09  Joey Hessrecord email of new users in userinfo for userlist
2011-06-09  Joey Hessencode html
2011-06-09  Joey Hessuserlist: New plugin, lets admins see a list of users...
2011-06-09  https://www... code's in git