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2010-03-16  Evan BroderSorry, Cathy, but you're not a student
2010-03-15  David A Benjaminoremanj and zhangc were recently membered
2010-02-20  Jessica B HamrickUpdated EC
2010-02-20  Jessica B HamrickMembered phurst and dwilson; added missing people
2010-02-11  Jessica B HamrickChanged jhamrick's website
2010-02-05  Geoffrey ThomasMembered afarrell a while ago
2010-02-05  Geoffrey Thomaspeople are leaving :-(
2010-02-04  Geoffrey ThomasMember gdb
2009-12-31  Xavid F PretzerNot a student.
2009-12-20  Jessica B HamrickLinked my username to my homepage
2009-11-30  Paul Baranayadded new members
2009-11-10  Edward Z. Yangezyang change homepage
2009-11-10  Edward Z. Yangupdate
2009-09-21  Geoffrey ThomasMerge updated git import of Trac content into Markdown.
2009-08-05  Paul Baranayremoved lockhart, mitchb, jhawk from voting members
2009-08-05  Paul BaranayMembered adehnert
2009-07-21  Paul BaranayAdded myself to members.
2009-05-23  Donald B Guyupdating chair
2009-03-10  Evan BroderMembered iannucci
2009-02-25  Greg Priceadd link for me; also, sorting by username is weird...
2009-02-25  Evan BroderTime to acquire my vice
2009-02-17  Donald B Guyadded ezyang to members
2009-02-06  Xavid F Pretzer(no commit message)
2009-02-03  Donald GuyAdded myself to members ^_^!
2009-02-01  Greg PriceMerge branch 'master' of ../sipb-www/doc/ trac-import
2009-01-27  Quentin SmithMember jhamrick and biyeun
2009-01-15  Quentin SmithUntil and unless we get the Magic Pony implemented...
2009-01-15  Evan BroderFix typo
2009-01-15  Chris T Laas(no commit message)
2009-01-15  Geoffrey Thomaslink members from join page and fix html
2009-01-15  Greg Pricewikify a bit
2009-01-15  Geoffrey Thomasupdate members
2009-01-15  Geoffrey ThomasAdd members