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2019-03-04  Nathan P Fosslitacl is not lit. it does nothing. listacl is more useful.
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2010-09-11  Xavid F Pretzer(no commit message)
2010-03-20  Donald B Guyerrr... we don't access things through the Universidade...
2010-03-20  Donald GuyOverdue revision to AFS & You. Mostly based on suggesti...
2009-09-21  Geoffrey ThomasMerge updated git import of Trac content into Markdown.
2009-02-22  Paul Baranayfixed typographical error with https
2009-02-01  Donald GuyHopefully make the current documentation more accessibl...
2009-02-01  Donald GuyFixed a remaining typo and replaced all h1's with h2...
2009-02-01  Donald GuyCreated a (x)html version of AFS and You because the...