zephyr-post-receive: Set UTF-8 locale
[snippets/.git] / git-hooks / zephyr-post-receive
2013-08-12  Anders Kaseorgzephyr-post-receive: Set UTF-8 locale
2013-02-02  Alex Dehnertzephyr-post-receive: fix quoting and tabs
2013-02-02  Alex Dehnertzephyr-post-receive: send the diff when short
2012-07-22  Anders Kaseorgzephyr-post-receive: Abort after 10 zephyrs to prevent...
2011-06-06  Alex DehnertMerge remote branch 'django-mit/master'
2010-11-19  Mitchell E Bergergit-hooks/zephyr-post-receive: Portability improvements
2010-03-21  Evan BroderUpdate the git post-receive hook for git's new default...
2010-03-21  Anders Kaseorgzephyr-post-receive: Don’t truncate a branch name conta...
2009-11-29  Geoffrey Thomaszephyr-post-receive: Respect zephyr.instance on new...
2009-11-29  Geoffrey Thomaszephyr-post-receive: Give defaults for zephyr.zsig.
2009-09-21  Anders Kaseorgzephyr-post-receive: Detect renames.
2009-09-12  Geoffrey Thomasgit-hooks/zephyr-post-receive: Use --first-parent when...
2009-08-22  Geoffrey Thomaszephyr-post-receive: git-foo with a hyphen doesn't...
2009-05-08  Geoffrey ThomasDon't crash when a branch is created.
2009-02-25  Anders KaseorgMake Git colors work in zwgc.
2009-02-25  Nelson ElhageAdd a 'zephyr.color' config setting.
2009-02-14  Geoffrey Thomasgit-hooks: Support specifying a zephyr instance
2009-02-01  Geoffrey Thomasgit zephyr post receive hook