2010-03-14  Biyeun M Buczyk(no commit message)
2010-03-14  Biyeun M Buczykattachment upload
2010-03-14  Gregory D BrockmanAdded an explanation of what a hackathon is
2010-03-14  Gregory D BrockmanAdded hackasaurus blurb
2010-03-14  Greg BrockmanTurns out that the microsoft logo is only being served...
2010-03-14  Gregory D BrockmanPoint to our copy of the Microsoft logo
2010-03-14  Greg BrockmanAdded microsoft logo
2010-03-14  Quentin Smithtable of contents was fixed
2010-03-14  Gregory D BrockmanAdded leonidg's web client idea
2010-03-14  Gregory D BrockmanAdded link to Google
2010-03-14  Gregory D BrockmanShow the trumpet logo
2010-03-14  Greg BrockmanAdded logo for Trumpet Technologies (sponsor of Hackasa...
2010-03-14  Quentin Smithfix TOC?
2010-03-14  Jessica B HamrickAdded MITeX to project ideas
2010-03-13  Evan Broder\exists
2010-03-13  Evan BroderScripts worked around Safari's certificate idiocy more...
2010-03-13  Gregory D BrockmanUpdated hackasaurus page
2010-03-13  Gregory D Brockman(no commit message)
2010-03-13  Gregory D BrockmanPoint to the cropped ALP logo
2010-03-13  Anders KaseorgVisited A tags should have hover.
2010-03-13  Greg BrockmanAdded logo for Alsop Louie Partners (sponsor of Hackasa...
2010-03-13  Quentin Smithsome projects are now done
2010-03-13  Gregory D BrockmanInitial creation HackasaurusRex
2010-03-13  Quentin SmithNon-link A tags should not have hover
2010-03-11  Quentin Smithlink to spamtrap, with explanation
2010-03-11  Anders KaseorgFix sipbmp3 link.
2010-03-10  Anders KaseorgFix path to mitCAclient.pem.
2010-03-08  Alan Q Huang(no commit message)
2010-03-08  Alexander W... Uh?
2010-03-08  Alexander W... Door widget?
2010-03-08  David A BenjaminChromium has a certificate selection UI now.
2010-03-05  Quentin Smithfix typo
2010-03-05  Quentin Smithinstructions for generating local previews from a git...
2010-03-05  Gregory D Brockman(no commit message)
2010-03-05  Gregory D Brockman(no commit message)
2010-03-05  Gregory D Brockmanremoved
2010-03-05  Cathy R Zhang(no commit message)
2010-03-05  Gregory D Brockman(no commit message)
2010-03-05  Gregory D Brockman(no commit message)
2010-03-01  Evan BroderAdd the Unix paper
2010-02-24  Anders KaseorgAdd non-shadowed fuzzball.png.
2010-02-23  Evan BroderMore history
2010-02-23  Evan BroderAdd recent reading-group papers.
2010-02-23  Evan BroderDon't list all the weeks we didn't have reading group...
2010-02-23  Alan Q Huang(no commit message)
2010-02-20  Jessica B HamrickUpdated EC
2010-02-20  Jessica B HamrickMembered phurst and dwilson; added missing people
2010-02-15  Evan BroderDuck. duck, goose!
2010-02-15  Geoffrey ThomasAthena 10 delenda est
2010-02-15  Geoffrey ThomasCSS: Fix what appears to be a typo
2010-02-15  Paul W QuimbyTechnical corrections to formatting.
2010-02-15  Paul W QuimbyTechnical details improved to match new implementation.
2010-02-15  Paul W QuimbyThes changes are the first since the newest implementat...
2010-02-11  Jessica B HamrickChanged jhamrick's website
2010-02-07  Karl C Rammnote the location of the cron job
2010-02-05  Andrew M Farrelllink to was broken
2010-02-05  Andrew M Farrell(no commit message)
2010-02-05  Andrew M Farrell(no commit message)
2010-02-05  Geoffrey ThomasMembered afarrell a while ago
2010-02-05  Geoffrey Thomaspeople are leaving :-(
2010-02-04  Geoffrey ThomasMember gdb
2010-02-02  Geoffrey ThomasClean up Mindterm docs a bit
2010-02-02  Andrew M Farrell(no commit message)
2010-02-01  Nancy R Ouyangadded info about mindterm ssh
2010-02-01  Nancy R Ouyangremoved all caps
2010-02-01  Nancy R Ouyangdecided to go ahead and add outside linkage to lookup...
2010-01-27  Evan BroderTalk about debathena-ssh-server-config
2010-01-11  Anders KaseorgReplace absolute link with wiki link.
2010-01-06  Evan BroderAdd a link to client-side cert docs
2010-01-06  Evan BroderI'm not going to be so vain as to claim that my website...
2010-01-06  Evan Brodertalk about SSLVerifyClient required vs. optional
2010-01-06  Evan BroderAnd it re-translates HTML entities in block quotes.
2010-01-06  Evan BroderApparently Markdown doesn't autolinkify URLs.
2010-01-06  Evan BroderAdd instructions on configuring mod_auth_sslcert and...
2010-01-02  Evan Broder(no commit message)
2009-12-31  Xavid F PretzerNot a student.
2009-12-24  Nelson ElhageDocument some gotchas using CPAN and local::lib on...
2009-12-22  Paul W QuimbyAdded name to developers
2009-12-20  Nelson ElhageDocument local::lib
2009-12-20  Nelson ElhageRefactor cheat-sheet to the end.
2009-12-20  Jessica B HamrickLinked my username to my homepage
2009-12-20  Jessica B HamrickAdded gutenbach to the projects list.
2009-12-19  Edward Z. Yang+ Planet SIPB
2009-12-19  Edward Z. Yang(no commit message)
2009-12-19  Andrew M Farrell(no commit message)
2009-12-19  Andrew M Farrell(no commit message)
2009-12-14  Nelson Elhageperl distro packages on Fedora
2009-12-14  Nelson Elhage(no commit message)
2009-12-14  Nelson ElhageI hate CPAN, but I seem to understand it.
2009-12-14  Geoffrey G... Add a summary at the top and "HOWTO Encourage Women...
2009-12-11  Alex DehnertFacilitate identifying mailto links
2009-12-11  Anders Kaseorg(fix typo)
2009-12-11  Anders KaseorgSuggest changing PuTTY’s character set to UTF-8.
2009-12-06  Andrew M Farrell(no commit message)
2009-12-05  Alex DehnertBut anyway, no need to use <a> --- id works
2009-12-05  Alex DehnertThose underlines aren't really WYW
2009-12-05  Alex DehnertUse a:link, a:visited instead of a for styling
2009-12-05  Andrew M Farrell(no commit message)
2009-12-05  Andrew M Farrelladded headings to make it faster to do the default...
2009-11-30  Paul Baranayadded new members